1. Physics Love or Fear

Physics (from Ancient Greek: φυσική (ἐπιστήμη) phusikḗ (epistḗmē) "knowledge of nature", from φύσις phúsis "nature") is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. One of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, the main goal of physics is to understand how the universe behaves.

Physics embodies the study of the fundamental constituents of the universe, the forces and interactions they exert on one another, and the results produced by these interactions. In general, physics is regarded as the fundamental science, because all other natural sciences use and obey the principles and laws set down by the field. Physics relies heavily on mathematics as the logical framework for formulation and quantification of principles.

The study of the principles of the universe has a long history and largely derives from direct observation and experimentation. The formulation of theories about the governing laws of the universe has been central to the study of physics from very early on, with philosophy gradually yielding to systematic, quantitative experimental testing and observation as the source of verification. Key historical developments in physics include Isaac Newton's theory of universal gravitation and classical mechanics, an understanding of electricity and its relation to magnetism, Einstein's theories of special and general relativity, the development of thermodynamics, and the quantum mechanical model of atomic and subatomic physics.

The field of physics is extremely broad, and can include such diverse studies as quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, applied physics and optics. Modern physics is becoming increasingly specialized, where researchers tend to focus on a particular area rather than being "universalists" like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Lev Landau, who worked in multiple areas.

In physics, mirror matter, also called shadow matter or Alice matter, is a hypothetical counterpart to ordinary matter.

Let us take this opportunity to look at love or fear from a physics perspective, before launching into how physics is the reflection of conscious evolution projected through it's formless motion through non linear space and time.



Love is simple; the heart is stable after all. It is the mind that adds angles and the mind that finds instability through the choice of actions that are opposite from heart based decisions. If you emit a high frequency into antimatter so are you forced to 'meet your maker' in allegorical form of reflected light and colour.

Physics is the study of matter and its motion through space and time.

Thus love in a physics sense would be all about waves.

See this article from the huffington post.


It is kind of obvious from the offset that fear is always going to represent the opposite of that which is stated under 'Love'.  Fear creates a void of shadows, love creates a void of light.

For those in the unconditional love state of being, it would be completely pointless to revisit negative frequencies and energies caused by dis-ease within conscious comprehension of the cause and effects one is experiencing through ones senses.

Yet the world is far from perfect and many reflections contain allegorical dis-ease of conscious equilibrium within their everyday projections, which is the root cause of every reflected physical illness and dis-ease in existence.

Look at anything within the entire spectrum of the various sub Physics categories and see the minus action of positive behaviour. See this as an allegorically reflected copy of an aspect of consciousness. All aspects of consciously are allegorically reflected through all 12 disciplines.

Form and Matter are the materialization of a conscious intention. Both magical in simplicity and non-magical according to pre-conceived beliefs on what exactly 'magic' is.

Needless to say it is obvious that any intention and the soundwaves emitted therefrom through the Voice (Stage 4 Evolution Creator) have high frequencies attached to positive energy intentions (that which serves others - raising of frequencies) and low frequencies attached to negative energy intentions. (take to receive, as opposed to giving to receive - also doubt, worry, fear, anxiety etc projects into the void and moulds and unpleasant possibility sphere - despite it's unpleasant image, it only exists as a neutral image where no harm can come to you. Only by repeated focus on a fear can it have any chance of manifesting into a realistic projected and reflective experience. The same goes for the plus - consciously every fear minus creates a possibility for a love plus - if it can be recognized.

This is the origin of 'Be careful what you wish for', 'I think therefore I am', 'To be or not to be (love/fear) that is the question', getting the 'wrong end of the stick' and pageloads more examples.

The whole point of Evolution, ultimately is for the hu-mahn species to transcend fear consciously. Fear is non-existent in reality, only in perception and belief that it is real can anything fearful present it's reflection for you to banish from within consciousness as a falsely projected reality.

The real meaning of fear is 'Fear of the unknown' - fear is generated by the inability to consciously attach an image, vibration or frequency to a potential sphere of possibility. This is also the cause of cognitive dissonance.

Mind control is merely the ability to cause cognitive dissonance by projecting high frequency soundwaves, by speaking of a universal truth of creation of which the individual observer is unaware.

This feeling is generated by the high frequency emitter telepathically communicating with the mirror neurons within the observed. It is merely chemical attraction underneath the illusion of form and matter.

Electro magnetic radiation is further allegory (Light - light is allegory for wisdom and represented subconsciously through creation by the colour yellow).

When everything is 'turned on it's head' you will see the true value.