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A Guide To Modern Enlightenment

50 Lesson Course

Learn step by step, in your own time, the secrets of ancient times blended with the new, to make the new now!


Understand the formless

With still so many people promising you self help towards material wealth, the correct path towards enlightenment can be very hard to detect. Enlightenment is Awareness, self awareness of the source that projects from within and reflects on the outside the same frequencies

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50 Lessons that represent a videobook 'A Guide To Modern Enlightenment' spread into 50 individual video lessons at approximately 10 minutes each and a series of conscious exercises and research teaching to follow. 5 Lessons each week for 10 consecutive weeks.

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ONLY £1 a lesson - 1st lesson free

Begin the journey to understanding everything that ever was, is and thus can be. A unique look at everything and how everything all fits together as one complex sphere of existence, based on a little jigsaw piece of everything...

Understand the truth of existence and what your role in the whole adventure really is.

Begin the journey towards discovering who you are, where you came from, how you got here, why you exist and the causes of all effects and the effects of all courses. Learn the incredible power that your conscious potential actually holds in relation to the outside world illusion you experience.

Learn how to control the elements to work with you and you with them. The course will be emailed to you, 5 lessons every week for 10 weeks, with each new lesson bundle arriving 7 days after your first payment date.

A videobook storytelling and comprehensive research, reading and conscious exercises for you to explore will get you hooked on your own highest frequency. Very exciting times are ahead for those who see the light and turn away from the shadows - both within, and so without.

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In the course I recommend the first three books that I started with, I am not the author, but the audio narrator, I have no contract connection with the audio versions and they can be obtained via searching amazon for the featured titles. The course and the pdf are more than enough however, and it is really not necessary unless your curiosity says so, to order the three extra books.

It is my absolute intention to lower the price of each subsequent online course and audiobook release. The awakenings are not about opportunities to make money - yet as the transition into the future is a drip, drip, step by step affair - money is a tool, and clean money goes to the places it is meant to in order to serve the one thing that is all things at once. This foundation and my works exists to enlighten and by support it will continue to do so. There are no millions of subscribers, there is simply YOU at this stage. This new era of modern enlightenment is so fresh and new, that only a select few across the whole planet are even aware of the top end of the teachings to found here. Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay in this dimension, for it is a pure one.

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