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What is happening to me?

Because the evolutionary awakening process is individual there is ALWAYS going to come a time where it seems nobody has the answer. It wouldn't be individual if this didn't happen!

Why is it individual, why does nobody understand me? Because they can't - they are not YOU. It is YOUR fingerprint, nobody can know you as well YOU know yourself! It is simple logic!

It is individual and unique to each observer because the memories, images, frequencies of intent, vibrations and experiences are ALL unique to each observers ability to deconstruct the assembled energy that projects and reflects form and matter itself.

Only by understanding allegory can you come to understand not only what is happening to you, but also why, and what you have to do and when. All the 5 W's will be addressed and presented to you - leaving you with the sometimes phrased '6th W', How?

Browse the site and look for reflections of that which you are seeking and ask yourself, within, for these reflections to be shown clearly to you.

The online course will help you achieve that which you seek to be. No matter what the blockage the course will assist you surpass it, whether it is terminal illness or even as simple as a mood swing into a negative state - the allegory is the same for everything, no matter whether simple or complex. From sleeping problems to waking problems, to dream deciphering. Anything and everything is able to be traced to it's source or root within a branch of conscious belief.