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The Fourth Incarnation of Thoth

2016 updated translation revealing the secrets of creation. Each audio tablet is Sacred in sound frequency and resonance. Do not listen when driving as the frequencies can cause drowsiness. On the flip side, if you suffer from sleeping problems voila!

Tablet 1 - How to Attain Perfection Within the Sphere of Wisdom

Tablet 2 - The Halls of Amenti

Tablet 3 - The Key of Wisdom

Tablet 4 - The Space Born

Tablet 5 - Consciousness Itself

Tablet 6 - The Key of Magic

Tablet 7 - The Seven Lords

Tablet 8 - The Key of Mystery

Tablet 9 - The Key to Freedom of Space

Tablet 10 - The Key of Time

Tablet 11 - The Key to Above and Below

Tablet 12 - The Laws of Cause and Effect: The Key to Prophecy

Tablet 13 - The Keys to Life and Death

Tablet 14 - Supplementary 1 - Atlantis

Tablet 14Extra - 2016 Supplementary add-on: Isaac Newton

Tablet 15 - Supplementary 2 - Secret of Secrets

16 Tablets   -  £30.00

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Chapter ONE - Spirit-U-Ally

*Currently unvailable in hardbook due to editing of Second Edition*

First edition audiobook and pdf available only.

ONE Upon A Time Public Disclosure on Reality Series Book 1 of 28


What is exactly is Spirituality?

Human Civilization Epochs?

Religious and Spiritual Belief Systems

The Esoteric & the Occult


Emerald Tablets of Thoth

Kabbalah and Sufism

Evil/Darkness/Satan/Negative Emotions/Demons

Spiritual Evolution/Completion of the Tree of Life

If ”God” is the Creator, then who created God?

Spiritual Alchemy

Sciptures - The End Times

The Wheel – Spiritually

Special Focus – The Ancient Sumerians

Spiritual Quotes, Notes and Weblinks

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A Guide To Modern Enlightenment

*The Online Course now includes The Fourth Incarnation of Thoth audio tablets in replacement of the previously suggested extra reading material. EVERYTHING you need to know about Reality and it's true nature. Perfect for those who have reached a brick wall or spiritual ceiling in their awakening. This book opens up a whole series of new dimensions to you.

It is also available as an online course where I read the entire book as a videobook and source material for the course that is built for YOU!

Pdf Version of the Videobook is free with the online course (50 lessons)

online course.


Introduction – Welcome

Chapter 1 – Awakening of Consciousness or 'The Awakenings'

What are the Awakenings?

What areas of research should I begin with?

Analyzing Scriptures

Write it down!

Chapter 2 – What is Enlightenment and how do I become enlightened?

What is enlightenment?

The best methods to gaining awareness of all things

Keeping your wits when gaining access to the higher dimensions

Chapter 3 – Connecting and Disconnecting with self and othersGeneral tips on how to be when taking the path to enlightenment

Chapter 4 – How to increase your enlightenmentA glossary of words and definitions that relate to the new age of enlightenment The Allegorical Universe Interpretation











Computer Science




Chapter 5 – Study history and become an allegorical detective

Chapter 6 – With a little help from our friends 

322 quotes from geniuses past, present and future

Chapter 7 – Beyond I AM




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